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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Review Iseiko - Questra Japan - Earnings Up 6.2% weekly - Invest a minimum of 10 EUR - Payments Manual

Japan is a country with strong Bitcoin users, while the Japanese government also accept Bitcoin . Therefore Bitcoin has a very high value in Japan and managed very closely by the state. It is also good conditions for investors is to ensure safety for their own investments. And Iseiko dubbed Questra in Japan would be a great investment option right now.

Registered investment accounts: Iseiko 
Friends in Japan can come directly Iseiko office at:
Office Main:
Japan, Yubinbango162-0825 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kagurazaka, 5 Chome-20-5- 1 - 3 Block 423 Tel: +81345894925
Features of Iseiko 
- Release: Jul 24, 2017
- Accept payments through: Bitcoin [BTC], Payeer, OKPAY, AdvCash.
- Minimum Investment: 10 EUR
- Minimum Payment: 5 EUR
- Payment: Manual - Payment within 3-7 days
- With the package, the interest rate from 90 EUR per 6th pay weekly.
- Investment in port, that port withdrawals.
The package rate of Iseiko 
  • START - Investments 10 EUR - Interest paid 0.5% daily - 190% ROI
  • BASIC - Investments 45 EUR - 3.8% weekly earnings [Interest paid on the 6th weekly] - 201% ROI
  • LITE - Investments 90 EUR - Interest 4:03% weekly [Interest paid on the 6th weekly] - 210% ROI
  • MEDIUM - Investment 270 EUR - 4.42% of weekly earnings [Interest paid on the 6th weekly] - 230% ROI
  • LARGE - Investment 810 EUR - Interest 4.96% weekly [Interest paid on the 6th weekly] - 210% ROI
  • TRADER - Investment 2430 EUR - Interest 5:50% weekly [Interest paid on the 6th weekly] - 287% ROI

  • EXCLUSIVE - Investment 7290 EUR - Interest 5.70% weekly [Interest paid on the 6th weekly] - 301% ROI
  • PRO - Investment 9720 EUR - Interest 6:00% weekly [Interest paid on the 6th weekly] - 312% ROI
  • INFINITY - Investments 14580 EUR - Interest 6:20% weekly [Interest paid on the 6th weekly] - 323% ROI
Investment Guide to Iseiko 
Registered investment accounts: Iseiko 
Once registration is complete you will receive an email about your registration. You can log in with your email, or by the user starting with Y are sent to your email.
Once logged into your investment account immediately "Profile settings", select "Profile settings," click on "Add or purses card" to enter the electronic wallet that you have.

Then you click "Verify" to accurately complete your personal information including ID photos and a utility bill to prove your information is genuine. This step you can verify or ignored. But it is best to verify.



To invest you press the "Investments", select the package and click rates investors want "Buy". [Tekzoom invested before wrapping EUR 90].


Select payment gateway and click "Submit".


  • If you pay via gate: OKPAY , Advcash, Payeer the recharging process takes place within 1 pitches.
  • If you pay via gate: Bitcoin , you will receive information about the BTC must accurately directed to the address of Iseiko for BTC. Loaded via BTC process takes about 15 minutes - 24 hours. [Do not transactions BTC since 1-2 / 8. Be transactions before 1/8 and after 2/8 BTC]
Investment process here is completed, your task is every 6 weeks to withdraw the constant. 
And career opportunities with Iseiko
Note: HYIP always potential investment risk should you consider investing in financial scope allowed and responsible for your investment decisions.
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