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Monday, July 31, 2017

Guide Selection investment site most basic long-term strategic

Hello all of Tekzoom mem!
Tekzoom get a lot of questions of mem on how to choose the right site investment for long fight so today impulse should Tekzoom will give the basic criteria to you can refer to that selection .

Refer through the most basic criteria below Light:
  • Site with 1.5% smaller package rates daily. This form by the site within its first cycle is quite long so participation in the site are more durable form by cycles payback of each person very long while every day more 1 large investors. So compared to the amount of capital paid to the amount of the difference always ensure the site is always enough money to pay interest.
  • Site systematic decentralization commission on the extent of development of the system. By the site with this regime will encourage the Leader trying to find investors to commission the system. This helps new people receiving ongoing investments will ensure the money into growing. The site's revenue is growing increasingly long runtime.
  • Site staff can answer questions via mail, skype, telegram or through forms enthusiastic support, continuous and uninterrupted. This proves that they have a team working continuously so of course this organization will not short-term operations.
  • Site security regime have much dirt as SSL [site begins with https: //]. Because this is the condition to ensure that the site does not contain malicious code. Best Green Bar SSL site has, the better. Investment by the SSL site, they have to spend some money for the purchase of that mode. They will take time to recover the money and capital to earn big profits.
  • Site designed picky sometimes it confusing for new members. Designed by the gaudy written carefully, take care. The design definitely go towards the site a long way before stopping.
  • Site content is clear, contact info public
  • The site has the diverse promotional materials
  • Site with photos or videos of Companies Companies
  • Site includes information on seminars, conferences
That is the most basic thing to choose a site long-term investment, but to a wider and deeper understanding it requires your abilities further and much more. To tell all those things of course not easy to convey. When you battle for a long time, you will contemplate out.
With basic information such Tekzoom hope you invest with insight and the most accurate assessment of investment makes victory.
Investment rules you need to memorize:
  • Divide egg baskets. Invest multiple sites instead of one site, avoiding dead boss
  • Carefully read the instructions on Tekzoom to understand the principles of operation of each site
  • Please decide the investment site you feel like the best.
  • Do not forget solely responsible for your decisions.
  • Do not passionate or invest without limits leads to damage enough sugar
  • Make stops before or stop 1 step 2 step money.
  • Remember all the articles on Tekzoom are for reference only. Your victory sometimes depends on your own luck.
  • Do not blame anyone but to recognize defects to repair themselves and improve themselves.
  • Please know "brain faster hands" and not to "brain faster hands." 
  • Investments in any one project can not last forever. All the investment site have life and life its highest level does not exceed 3 years.
Bonus list of sites that Tekzoom assess long-term investment is [Priority Review from the top down nhé] - List updated on 31.07.2017
Do not forget to contact when an error Tekzoom investment but first read all instructions on each site directory of investment to understand the problem. Ask the ones to ask, but do not ask what was Tekzoom written. Then surely you will not receive the formal of Tekzoom where even been "insulted" then tried but tolerable!
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